The Monster that’s also a Plushie

If you thought you had outgrown stuffed animals, think again. The BTS line of plush toys has come out with products that are adored by children and adults alike. Let’s look at some character dolls inspired by the fabulous seven of the BTS band.


The Nemoyard BTS Hiphop Monster Character Dolls are based on characteristics of the seven band members.

Key features

Made in China. Two sizes .5.5 inches and 8.5 inches. The 5.5-inch option comes with a keyring. Costs $13 for the 5.5-inch variant and $20 for the 8.5-inch variant on Juno Plushies. Figures in white with black T-shirts.”Hip Hop Monster” on the front of the T-shirt and band member name on the back.100% Eco-friendly made with PP Cotton and Soft Surface. Embroidered or appliqued details for a long life. Stitched on, non-removable shirt.

Stuffed with PP Cotton for shape retention. Plush with a silky feel. Machine washable at low temperatures on a delicate cycle. Packaged in a black box. Solid stitching to ensure the PP Cotton won’t come out on clutching the doll. Perfectly sized and easy to carry around. Suitable for all ages. Shipped with a free loom card and a surprise gift.

First Impressions

The product is not authentic, the official sticker is missing from the package. The package has derp faces of the BTS gang on the bottom and group promo photos on the back. Note added by seller adds a nice personal touch. Matches the seller’s images on the site. Soft to the touch, clean and well-stuffed. Not the traditional pretty doll, but adorable nevertheless.

The keyring on the 5.5-inch toy comes with a clasp that can be clipped onto your bag. Seller states the product is 100% eco-friendly, the tag reads 95% cotton and 5% polyester. Contrary to the seller’s claims, the label says the product is not approved for children below six years of age. Priced at half the cost of the original (excluding shipping charges). Decent quality for the cost. Freebies include the lomo cards and a measuring tape or small character kachina obvious issue is that the two variants of the J-Hope Toy have different facial expressions. The nose and mouth stitched onto the 8.5-inch option seem to be upside-down.


Received the wrong doll. The toy had the wrong shirt on. One leg of the figure was facing backward. The toy received was slightly dirty. Size is smaller than the genuine dolls on kpopchoices . Excessive threads stuck out. The box arrived with huge indents, cracks, and holes. The product came in a plastic bag and not a box. Free gifts not included in the package. Lomo card included in the pack was dented


Except for the 8.5-inch J-Hope toy, the product is quite similar to the original and available at half the cost. We think it’s a bargain for the price.

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