Technology is changing. The Tech-Minded cook cooks safe, faster and more efficiently. This process thus brings a whole new experience to the cooker. Though the following gadgets are cool to use, they will only be beneficial to those who really need them.

Meat Thermometer

This high tech Gadget will enable you to cook meat at the recommend minimum heat level. This guarantees you safety as harmful bacteria do not survive in certain temperatures. It can also be programmed to alarm you when certain temperatures are reached.

Fridge cam

This gadget lets you look into your fridge without opening it. It save you time and most of all is cool to use. Modern cams are able recognize food items as well as their expiry date. This reduces wastage as it sends reminder notification that a product is about to expire.

Gotham Steel Pan 

Based on gotham steel pan reviews, this is a revolutionary gadget in the market. It enables the cook to control the cooking process via an app. The cook can instruct the cooker to start cooking as well as regulate the temperatures to desired/ optimal conditions. Ingredients will however have to be prepared by the cook.


With this gadget you no longer undergo the tiresome and boring part of  being a cook, cleaning up! The robot detects and sucks wayward bits and pieces. This gadget ensures your kitchen is always sparkling clean.

Digital Measuring Cups and Scale

This is a fancy gadget that enables you to undertake precise measurement in the kitchen. This reduces chances for error as it will be easy to follow the recipe.

Nest Protect

Have you ever wondered if you inhale carbon monoxide in the kitchen or you forgot to turn off the gas? This gadget is the answer to your problem. Nest Protect uses voice and phone alarms to notify you there is a problem. In case the alarm goes off due to fire you don’t have to climb on a chair to turn it off you can simply do that with your phone.

Ifavine Isommelier

If you are a wine fun then this gadget will put a smile on your face. Some wines eg robust Reds, really benefit from a bit of breathing time. This is because oxidation helps to soften the tannins. In the process undesirable compounds evaporate and this increases the taste of your wine.

Nespresso Prodigio Cofee machine

This is essentially a smart coffee marker. It helps you make coffee remotely via app as well as schedule brewing and reorder capsules. This speeds up the preparation time as you will only pick readymade coffee.

Smart Toaster Oven

This oven typically lets you prepare food from the comfort of your bed. All you need is a mobile application linked to it. You can toast and slow cook and even bake based on the command you give.

Simple Human Sensor Trash Can

This gadget looks  amazing in the kitchen. It senses movement near it to automatically open the lid for your trash.  This a dustbin but a cooler and technologically advanced of it.

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